Josh Niland

Josh Niland is the chef and owner of the Saint Peter restaurant in Sydney. In 2018, he opened The Fish Butchery, which sells dry-aged, cured and smoked fish and offal. In 2019, he published his first book, The Whole Fish Cookbook. The groundbreaking book was an immediate success. In 2020, he went on to win the James Beard Award for the "Restaurant and Professional" category, as well as the James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year.
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The Whole Fish Review

Riley Brennan

I'm a fishing guide in NWT and come from a bloodline of commercial fisherman from Canada's East Coast. While growing up and visiting Newfoundland during the ...

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I'm a fishing guide in NWT and come from a bloodline of commercial fisherman from Canada's East Coast. While growing up and visiting Newfoundland during the summers...eating cod cheeks, tongues, and the britches was the best part of the fish. I mean if you ask anyone, a good feed of cod tongues is to die for. I live in Southern Ontario and mainly chase trout and lake-run rainbows myself. The number of gutted bows I see on the river banks is disgusting. Some anglers around here harvest these fish for their roe, only to bag em up and catch more fish to do the same. I wish every single angler was offered some exposure to the ideas Josh Niland has put fourth before they were able to purchase a fishing license. I will be sharing these concepts and surely investing in a few of these books, one for myself and several for gifts. What a fantastic concept and incorporation into the website. Well done all around.

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"Our entire way of thinking about how we process fish needs to be overhauled, with far more consideration given to the elements of a fish that would traditionally be considered 'waste'. Is this possible? Well, a lot of the most loved dishes in the world have been born from the utilisation of waste. Whether it is a terrine, sausages or the humble bread and butter pudding, all these dishes were born from that thought, 'What are we going to do with all this?' I don't see why fish should be any different."

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    • Gutting the Whole Fish

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    Chapter #5

    • Using the Swim Bladder, Blood and Heart

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    • Using the Collar and Fins

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    Chapter #7

    • Using the Head

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    • Using the Liver, Roe, Stomach, Spleen and Intestine

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Groundbreaking Knowledge

From award-winning chef and author Josh Niland.