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    Welcome to this mini-course!

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    Chapter #1

    • Swinging, Etiquette, Steelhead and Safety

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  • 3

    Chapter #2

    • Before the First Cast, Covering Water, the Loop Knot

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    Chapter #3

    • Grip and Stance

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  • 5

    Chapter #4

    • Step One: The Lift, Step Two: Setting the Anchor

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  • 6

    Chapter #5

    • Step Three: The Sweep, Home Position

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  • 7

    Chapter #6

    • Step Four: Forming the D-Loop / Circle Up, Step Five: Forward Delivery

  • 8

    Chapter #7

    • Troubleshooting the Bloody L and Creep

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    Congrats! Here's what's next...

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