Chef James Viles

James Viles is a celebrated chef, author and adventurer. An active global ambassador to Landrover Australia, he has travelled the country gathering some of the wildest ingredients from the land, sea and streams—cooking them in communities along the way.

James is the Co-founder of OFFGRID PROVISIONS & OFFGRID KITCHEN, a culinary experience that explores some of the most remote parts of Australia. He is the former founder of Australian dining institution "Biota", the most awarded regional restaurant in NSW, Australia for over 8 years. He founded "Barn by Biota", which was named one of the top 100 restaurants to visit in the world by Time Magazine New York.

He enjoys time outdoors with his family and is happiest with a simple day outside spent with his loved ones.
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5 star rating

After the Kill Shot

James Ferguson

Excellent demonstration of how to safely handle the meat and get it ready for cooking. He shows you how to cut the meat away from the bone and to separate t...

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Excellent demonstration of how to safely handle the meat and get it ready for cooking. He shows you how to cut the meat away from the bone and to separate the muscle layers. Good discussions on what method to cook the meat.

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"I believe in trying to build a future where all living organisms are able to eat and eat well, to live and live well, and of course live well together.
This is a truly sustainable approach that requires us as chefs to cook responsibly, which means cooking to the season and being agile, creative, honest, resourceful and respectful."

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Ageing and Preparation

    • Ageing and Preparation

  • 3

    Hanging and Cleaning

    • Hanging and Cleaning

  • 4

    Knives and Tools

    • Knives and Tools

  • 5


    • Forequarters

  • 6

    The Butchering Process

    • The Butchering Process

  • 7


    • Neck

  • 8

    The Filets (Tenderloins)

    • The Filets (Tenderloins)

  • 9

    Striploins (Backstraps)

    • Striploins (Backstraps)

  • 10


    • Hindquarters

  • 11

    Preparing Backstraps

    • Preparing Backstraps

  • 12

    Preparing the Shoulder

    • Preparing the Shoulder

  • 13

    Preparing Hindquarters

    • Preparing Hindquarters

  • 14

    The Heart

    • The Heart

  • 15

    Rib Cage and Skirt Steak

    • Rib Cage and Skirt Steak

  • 16


    • Conclusion

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